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4,700 Palestinian Lives, 2,000 Children, Perished Amidst Israeli Pogrom in Gaza, with Western Complicity

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Fateh’s Reformist Democratic Faction, condemns in the strongest terms the ongoing Israeli pogrom on Gaza. The wanton disregard for human life and the devastation inflicted upon the Palestinian people with the complicity of Western leaders headed by President Joe Biden, are nothing short of horrifying.
Dimitri Diliani, Spokesperson of Fateh’s Reformist Democratic Faction, expresses profound sorrow, saying, “In the past 24 hours, more than 400 innocent civilians, the majority of whom are children and women, have been slaughtered by Israel in the Gaza Strip. The Israeli occupation’s armed forces have committed no fewer than 25 harrowing massacres within a mere 24 hours. This grim tally elevates the toll of Palestinian civilian lives perished to over 4,700, with almost 2,000 of them being children, since the commencement of the Israeli carnage on October 7th, an enduring testament to this relentless Israeli pogrom.”
The occupation’s military machine, with an alarming thirst for blood, backed by the U.S, U.K, Germany and France, directly targeted Palestinian homes with air strikes and artillery missiles without warning. Combined occupation’s military aircraft and artillery attacks, particularly near the eastern separating wall of the Gaza Strip, resulted in what is ominously referred to as the “fire belt.” This barbaric tactic unleashed simultaneous rocket and shell attacks, directly targeting vital civilian infrastructure, family homes, and places of worship.
Diliani affirms that the dedicated volunteers of Fateh’s Reformist Democratic Faction, undeterred by the overwhelmingly arduous conditions, have displayed unwavering commitment in the relentless mission of recovering hundreds of innocent victims and tending to the wounded. Sadly, they find themselves in an ongoing race against time, endeavoring to free countless citizens, some still clinging to life, others lifeless, ensnared beneath the remnants of their homes. This formidable endeavor, made even more daunting by the cruelty of the Israeli war machinery and the scarcity of essential resources, truly embodies a Herculean struggle.
Diliani added that deliberate Israeli airstrikes on residential neighborhoods have led to a staggering rise in casualties. Hospitals, under enormous pressure, can no longer accommodate the influx of wounded citizens. Morgue refrigerators are overflowing, underscoring the dire need for immediate assistance.
Fuel shortages in hospitals have further exacerbated the crisis. Countless patients now teeter on the brink of death due to a lack of essential resources. The Israeli occupation’s savage war crimes, including cutting off electricity, water, fuel and medical supplies for the whole Gaza Strip along with bombings of hospitals, have crippled the healthcare system. This crisis reached a tragic crescendo with the shocking Israeli massacre at the Anglican Church Hospital.
“The strain on hospitals is overwhelming, compounded by the influx of numerous families seeking refuge in hospitals as their final sanctuary from the relentless genocidal Israeli bombardment of their homes. Each passing day witnesses a deepening humanitarian crisis, all while the world either is actively complicit in the carnage or shrouded in silence,” emphasized Diliani.
In a chilling testament to the unrelenting Israeli brutality, the occupation’s warplanes continued their bombardment of healthcare facilities, targeting the vicinity of the Shifa Medical Complex in the heart of Gaza City and the Al-Quds Hospital in western Gaza just few hours ago.

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