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Armenia Denies Attacking Azerbaijani Troops In Naxcivan

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In a recent development, the Armenian military has officially denied allegations made by Azerbaijan that Armenian forces initiated an attack on Azerbaijani troops stationed in the Naxcivan exclave. The denial came after Azerbaijan’s Defense Ministry accused Armenian troops of targeting positions in various villages within the Sharur, Ordubad, and Shahbuz regions of Naxcivan. 

The situation remains tense as both nations have a border cease-fire agreement in place and are currently engaged in negotiations for a peace deal. This incident has raised concerns about the stability of the cease-fire and the future of the peace talks. 

The Armenian military’s statement refutes the claims of aggression and emphasizes the nation’s commitment to the cease-fire agreement. The international community is closely monitoring the situation, hoping that both sides will return to the negotiating table and prevent any further escalation of hostilities. 

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