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Biden rating drops to 41% Support Since Declaring him Zionist

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President Joe Biden’s support for Israel has dropped his overall approval to 41% a major setback for the upcoming Presidential elections to Democrats. Biden, who has repeatedly declared himself a “Zionist” and vowed to stand by Israel “as long as the United States stands”, has faced criticism and protests from those who accuse him of ignoring the plight of the Palestinians and enabling Israel’s aggression.

According to the survey conducted between November 14 and 16 found that Biden’s overall approval rating dropped to 41%, the lowest since he took office. The poll also showed that only 29% of Americans approved of his handling of the Israel-Hamas conflict, while 46% disapproved. Among voters aged 18 to 34, Biden’s approval rating on the issue was even lower, at 19%, while his disapproval rating was 58%. Among Democrats, 47% approved and 31% disapproved of his approach to the conflict.

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