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Blood on Hanukkah Lights: Fateh’s Reformists Expose Biden’s Alarming Genocidal Alliance

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As the anti-genocide Jewish community in New York kindles the lights of Hanukkah with a fervent protest for a ceasefire and an end to the Israeli war criminal bloodshed in Gaza, the Biden Administration was taking an indefensible stance as the sole veto against a UAE UN resolution calling for a halt of the Israeli massacres in the besieged Strip.

Fateh’s Reformist Democratic Faction staunchly condemns the Biden Administration’s allegiance to the war criminal and genocidal apartheid state of Israel as it demonstrates an abdication of moral responsibility, diplomatically isolating Washington and implicating it as a willing and calculated partner in the ongoing slaughter of more than 17,000 Palestinian civilians, among whom 70% are women and children. This egregious act further solidifies President Joe Biden’s position as a complicit actor in the utter destruction of civilian life in Gaza.

Dimitri Diliani, Spokesperson for Fateh’s Reformist Democratic Faction, emphasizes, that as the world approaches the 75th Anniversary of the “Genocide Convention”, the alarming war criminal collaboration between the Biden Administration and the slaughter-driven government of Israel stands as a grievous violation of the foundational values steering global commitment to thwarting genocide. “This inhumane stance of the Biden Administration sheds the light on a regrettable prioritization of narrow personal political interests and lobbyist financial support at the expense of the sanctity of human life.”

Diliani adds: “The callous refusal to endorse a halt to the slaughter of Palestinian children in Gaza, despite the escalating civilian death toll, lays bare a distressing reality where power politics supplant humanitarian considerations. Thousands of civilians have already perished, and countless more teeter on the precipice of suffering as President Biden persistently supports the genocidal Israeli war against Palestinian civilians.

“With the US veto of a UN ceasefire resolution re Gaza, President Biden has even more blood on his hands. It’s an Israeli/US war against Palestinian children,” asserts Diliani.

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