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Brazil Rejects Israel’s Fabricated Claims of Thwarting Hezbollah Plot

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Brazil has denounced the fabrication of a probe into an alleged Hezbollah cell that was reportedly planning to attack Israeli targets in the country. Israel has claimed credit for foiling the terrorist plot and linked the case to its ongoing military operation in Gaza.

The Brazilian Foreign Ministry issued a statement on Thursday, saying that it “rejects any attempt to link the investigation to the situation in the Middle East or to use it for political purposes”. The statement also reaffirmed Brazil’s support for a peaceful resolution of the conflict and its condemnation of violence against civilians.

 The Israel-Hamas war, which started on October 7 after Hamas launched a series of attacks on Israel, has killed more than 10,000 people, mostly Palestinians, and displaced hundreds of thousands more. Israel has launched a ground invasion of Gaza, aiming to destroy Hamas’ military infrastructure and stop its rocket fire. Hamas, meanwhile, has continued to fire rockets at Israeli cities and urged its allies to join the fight.

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