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Breaking News: Ukraine Targets Feodosia Port On Western Russian Peninsula, Confirms Regional Official

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Ukrainian forces have reportedly targeted the port of Feodosia, situated in the western part of the Russian peninsula, according to statements from a top regional official. The move marks a notable escalation in the ongoing conflict, as tensions continue to simmer between Ukraine and Russia.

A Ukrainian attack has led to a blast and a fire in the port city of Feodosia in Russia’s Crimea, Governor Sergey Aksyonov said in the early hours of Tuesday.

“There was an enemy attack in the Feodosia area. The territory of the port has been closed off,” Aksyonov wrote on Telegram. He added that “the detonation has stopped,” and that first responders are working to put out the fire.

“The residents of several houses will be relocated,” he wrote.

Aksyonov did not specify what exactly was hit during the attack or if there were any casualties. Feodosia is located on Crimea’s Black Sea coast.

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