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Catalonia Launches “Say Yes” Campaign for Catalan Language to Become the 25th European Union Language

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In a bold move to promote linguistic diversity within the European Union, Catalonia has officially launched the “Say Yes” campaign, advocating for the inclusion of the Catalan language as the 25th official language of the EU. The campaign, backed by prominent political figures, cultural icons, and citizens alike, aims to highlight the historical and cultural significance of Catalan while fostering a sense of unity and inclusivity within the European community.

The campaign was officially inaugurated in a lively ceremony at Barcelona’s iconic Plaça de Catalunya, where supporters gathered to express their enthusiasm for the cause. Flags, banners, and colorful displays adorned the square, showcasing the unique linguistic and cultural identity of Catalonia. Representatives from various sectors, including academia, business, and the arts, spoke passionately about the importance of preserving and promoting the Catalan language on the European stage.

Catalan Language’s Rich Heritage

Catalonia, known for its rich cultural heritage, sees the inclusion of its language as a step towards preserving and celebrating its unique identity within the larger European family. Catalan, with its centuries-old history and distinct linguistic characteristics, is considered a crucial component of the region’s cultural mosaic.

Several political leaders within Catalonia have thrown their weight behind the campaign. The inclusion of Catalan as an official language of the European Union is not just a symbolic gesture; it is a recognition of our shared values and commitment to linguistic diversity. We believe that embracing the Catalan language within the EU framework will strengthen our cultural ties and contribute to a more inclusive Europe.

The “Say Yes” campaign has gained significant traction on social media platforms, with the hashtag #CatalanEU trending across Europe. Citizens and supporters are sharing personal stories, cultural anecdotes, and vibrant expressions of Catalan identity, creating a virtual wave of support for the cause.

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