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Sunday, October 1, 2023
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European Union

EU migration reform stalled by German-Italian dispute

The European Union’s efforts to reform its migration policy have hit a roadblock after Germany and Italy clashed over two key issues at a...

Piraeus Port A Bridge of EU and CHINA: A Success Story of China-Greece Cooperation

Piraeus, the largest port in Greece and one of the largest in Europe, has become a shining example of win-win cooperation between China and...

Hungary’s Orban threatens to withdraw support for Ukraine over minority rights

Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban has said that his country will not back Ukraine on any issue in international affairs until Kyiv restores the...

EU Schengen Visa Scam: How Polish Officials Sold Visas For Cash

The European Union is facing a serious scandal involving the alleged issuance of Polish visas to migrants from Africa and Asia in exchange for...

Georgia faces EU ultimatum on reforms

The European Union has warned Georgia that it needs to implement sweeping reforms in order to get the EU candidate status, which would pave...

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