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Saturday, June 22, 2024
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More than 600 firefighters battle raging wildfires in Greece

Greece is facing a severe wildfire crisis as more than 600 firefighters, supported by water-dropping aircraft and reinforcements from several European countries, are struggling...

18 bodies found in Greek forest as wildfires ravage north of the country

Greek authorities have discovered the charred remains of 18 people in a forested area near the city of Alexandroupolis, where a major wildfire has...

Maui fire disaster: Mayor says 850 people unaccounted for as death toll reaches 114

The search for hundreds of missing people continues in Hawaii, where a catastrophic wildfire has claimed at least 114 lives and destroyed thousands of...

Canada’s worst wildfire season ever forces mass evacuations in British Columbia

Canada’s western province of British Columbia faces a ‘grim situation’ as wildfires intensify, forcing more than 35,000 people to evacuate their homes and destroying...

Wildfires rage across British Columbia, forcing evacuations and air quality alerts

British Columbia is facing a severe wildfire situation, with 191 active fires burning across the province as of Wednesday. The fires have forced hundreds...

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