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China disappointed at U.S. veto of Gaza ceasefire resolution: FM spokesperson

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A Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson has expressed the country’s regret and disappointment at the U.S. veto of a recent resolution calling for an immediate humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza.

On Dec. 8, the United Nations Security Council voted on the ceasefire resolution drafted by the United Arab Emirates (UAE), but it was not adopted due to a veto from the United States.

When asked to comment, spokesperson Mao Ning told a daily press briefing that close to 20,000 civilians have been killed and over a million displaced in the past two months since the start of the current outbreak of violence in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

“A ceasefire and an end to the hostilities is currently the top priority and reflects the broad international aspiration,” she said.

Close to 100 countries, including China, co-sponsored the draft resolution tabled by the UAE, representing Arab countries, Mao said, noting that China regrets and is disappointed at the U.S. veto, which was the only veto against the resolution.

The spokesperson noted that allowing the conflict to continue means heavier civilian casualties and a greater humanitarian catastrophe, and will sow more seeds of hatred.

“On issues of war and peace, life and death, major countries with influence need to play a constructive role in helping end the fight, make utmost efforts to avoid civilian casualties, and stand on the side of peace and the side of life,” Mao said.

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