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China launches first suspended monorail line

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China’s first commercial suspended monorail line opened to the public on Tuesday in Wuhan, capital of central China’s Hubei Province.

The operational first phase of the project covers a total distance of 10.5 km and features six stations, according to Optics Valley Traffic Company, the operator of the line.

The suspended monorail line operates for 12 hours every day, with a monorail departing every 10 minutes.

The maximum operating speed of the monorail train is 60 km per hour. The entire operation process, including starting, entering stations, opening and closing doors, is fully automated and requires no human intervention.

Xie Hongzhen, a staff member of the company, said the unique design of a monorail, with the train suspended from a single beam, is a clever operational solution. Compared to traditional railways or double-track subways, monorail trains offer a smoother ride and effectively eliminate interference from other traffic and pedestrians.

The monorail train, also known as “the Optics Valley Photon,” appears to hang upside down because the track is positioned above. Passengers can enjoy the city from an entirely different perspective through the glass floor beneath their feet.

Since its test operation in May, the monorail has attracted tourists from across the nation.


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