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Chinese FM spokesperson’s remarks on 45th anniversary of China-U.S. diplomatic relations

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A Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson on Tuesday made remarks on the 45th anniversary of China-U.S. diplomatic relations.

The year 2024 marks the 45th anniversary of diplomatic relations between China and the United States. On Jan. 1, President Xi Jinping and President Joe Biden exchanged letters of congratulations on this occasion, the spokesperson said.

The establishment of China-U.S. diplomatic relations is a consequential event in the history of both China-U.S. ties and international relations. For 45 years, China-U.S. relations have weathered winds and rains and come a long way, the spokesperson said.

According to the spokesperson, bilateral trade surged from less than 2.5 billion U.S. dollars in 1979 to close to 760 billion dollars in 2022; two-way investment increased from almost zero to over 260 billion dollars; and 284 pairs of sister provinces, states and cities were set up.

The two countries have also carried out cooperation on various international and regional hotspots and global issues. “History shows that the growth of China-U.S. relations not only contributes to the good of the two peoples but also to world peace, stability and development,” said the spokesperson.

China’s U.S. policy is consistent and clear, namely mutual respect, peaceful coexistence and win-win cooperation, said the spokesperson. “This is the experience we have gained from the course of China-U.S. ties over the years and the right way for the two countries to get along with each other. It is consistent with the trend of the times and serves the common interests of both sides.”

“One country’s success is an opportunity for the other. The two sides can help each other succeed and prosper together,” added the spokesperson.

The spokesperson said that China is committed to a stable, sound and sustainable China-U.S. relationship.

At the summit meeting in San Francisco, President Xi and President Biden reached over 20 deliverables in such areas as political affairs and foreign policy, trade and finance, people-to-people exchange, global governance, and military and security. “They fostered a future-oriented San Francisco vision, which points the way forward for bilateral relations,” said the spokesperson.

China is ready to work with the United States to faithfully implement the important common understandings and outcomes reached at the summit meeting, jointly develop a right perception, manage disagreements effectively, advance mutually beneficial cooperation, shoulder responsibilities as major countries, and promote people-to-people exchanges so as to steer the relationship in the right direction to the benefit of both countries and the world at large, the spokesperson said.

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