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Clare Daly Lambasts EU Commission President, Accuses Her of ‘Crocodile Tears’ for Gaza

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Clare Daly, an outspoken member of the European Parliament, launched a scathing criticism against the President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen for what she deemed a selective and biased approach in addressing global conflicts. During a session this morning, Daly accused the EU President of eulogizing the war in Ukraine while allegedly ignoring the victims of genocide in Gaza.

Daly, known for her vocal and independent stance, addressed the European Union President, stating, “For 10 minutes this morning she eulogized the war in Ukraine, but for all the crocodile tears, she still can’t mention the victims of genocide in #Gaza.” The reference to Gaza suggests Daly’s concern over what she perceives as a lack of attention or condemnation for the humanitarian crisis in the region.

Furthermore, Daly questioned the legitimacy and authority of the EU President, emphasizing, “She’s unelected & has no power to make foreign policy.” This comment reflects Daly’s broader critique of unelected officials having a significant role in shaping foreign policy decisions, a sentiment shared by some who argue for a more democratic approach to such matters.

Concluding her critique, Clare Daly called on Member States to take action, stating, “It’s past time for Member States to put her in her place. #ceasefireNOW.” The hashtag #ceasefireNOW implies Daly’s urgent call for a ceasefire in the conflict zones she mentioned, urging a swift response to address the ongoing crises.

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