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Corruption Scandal Hits Japan: PM Kishida and Ministers Linked to LDP’s Political Funds

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Japanese politics rocks the sprawling corruption scandal of four senior Ministers of Prime Minister Fumio Kishida’s cabinet involved—The busting of a network of corruption that has operated unchecked under the nose of the Prime Minister raised several unanswered questions by Prime Minster Kishida.

The revelations cast a pall over Kishida’s leadership, raising profound questions about the future trajectory of his political career.

The scandal, characterized by its complexity and scale, implicates key figures within Kishida’s government of corruption in Liberal Democratic Party’s political funds. The basic investigation reveals that the corruption network has been operating for an extended period, involving multiple ministries and high-ranking officials.

Internal Affairs Minister Junji Suzuki and Agriculture Minister Ichiro Miyashita were also stepping down and five deputy ministers would be out.

The organized nature of the corruption network scandal not only exposed the bad accountability but also a systemic failure in oversight, prompting questions about the Prime Minister’s awareness and involvement.

Opposition parties are capitalizing on the scandal, calling for an independent inquiry to uncover the truth and hold those responsible accountable.

As the scandal continues to unfold, the political landscape in Japan is in a state of flux. Dissension within the ruling party is evident, with some members expressing concern over the potential fallout and the impact on upcoming elections. The fate of Prime Minister Kishida hangs in the balance, with public trust eroding and the credibility of his leadership under severe strain.

Who will be replaced by these senior ministers who join Kishida’s cabinet is also a topic of discussion.

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