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Denmark Won’t Welcome Ukrainians Once Peace Restored in Ukraine

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Ukrainian nationals who sought refuge from the conflict in Denmark won’t be welcome to stay once peace is restored, Danish Immigration Minister Kaare Dybvad said on Friday.

There are over 30,000 Ukrainians who have applied for refugee status in Denmark under a special law, which is set to expire in March 2025. A poll conducted by the University of Copenhagen in September on a sample of 7,000 of them showed that about half would like to stay in the country even after the hostilities in Ukraine ended.

“We will not change that point of view,” the minister said, adding that refugees will continue to have temporary status, regardless of where they come from. Even if the Ukrainians are “culturally closer to us than people from the Middle East,” Dybvad said, they still behave in “completely different ways” than the Danes, such as beating their children.

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