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Europe—Norway considers more evacuations, Portugal battles forest fires, Spain suffers heatwave

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Europe is facing a series of weather challenges this week, as different regions cope with floods, fires and heatwaves.

In Norway, authorities are on standby to evacuate more people in southeastern parts of the country, where heavy rain has caused rivers and lakes to overflow and threaten downstream communities. The level of water in some areas has reached 2.5 meters (8.2 feet) above normal, and more than 3,600 people have already been evacuated.

In Portugal, firefighters are still trying to contain a huge blaze that erupted over the weekend in the southern region of Alentejo, near the popular tourist destination of Algarve.

In Spain, a mass of hot, dry air blowing in from Africa has led to record-breaking temperatures and increased the risk of wildfires.

The extreme weather events in Europe have been linked to climate change, which is expected to increase the frequency and intensity of heatwaves, droughts, floods and storms in the future. Scientists have urged governments and individuals to take urgent action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and adapt to the changing conditions.


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