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Fateh Reformist Democratic Faction’s Condemns Israeli Army Field Execution of Rami Jundub in Al-Faraa Refugee Camp

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Fateh Reformist Democratic Faction’s spokesperson, Dimitri Diliani, condemns the egregious actions witnessed in the harrowing Israeli Army field execution of Rami Jundub in the Al-Faraa refugee camp in the occupied West Bank.

Diliani adds: The footage captures the heart-wrenching moment when Rami Jundub collapses near an Israeli military vehicle, subjected to callous gunfire by an Israeli soldier. The vehicle pulls up, and additional shots are fired, sealing Rami’s fate while he lies severely wounded and motionless. This disturbing murder unfolds against the backdrop of a war criminal Israeli soldier, who, disturbingly, continues to roam freely in the occupied Palestinian Territories, perpetuating further atrocities on behalf of the genocidal apartheid state of Israel.

Diliani emphasizes that the tragic murder of Rami, raises the toll to seven young lives lost in the latest Israeli terrorist field executions at the refugee camp last Friday. He demands urgent attention from the international community and urges global leaders, human rights organizations, and conscientious individuals to unite in exposing the harsh reality and the savage supremacist war criminal nature of the genocidal apartheid State of Israel.

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