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Forcible Evacuation and Drone Attacks on Patients at Gaza’s Baptist Hospital Expose Israel’s Systematic Terrorism

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The recent forcible evacuation of Palestinian patients from Al-Ahli Baptist Hospital by Israeli forces represents yet another egregious war crime against the most vulnerable Palestinians. The use of Israeli quadcopter drones to actively fire upon patients and other civilians, resulting in several injuries, epitomizes the horrors endured by these individuals.

“This employment of military drones to target patients during their forced evacuation signifies a systematic approach to terrorism,” declared Dimitri Diliani, spokesperson for the Fateh Reformist Democratic Faction. “It is a deliberate tactic designed to maximize suffering and further destabilize an already vulnerable population.”

“The international community must unequivocally recognize these actions as war crimes—systematic violations of human rights and international law,” Diliani stressed. “This is part of a calculated campaign intended to erode the very essence of our existence.”

“To disregard these realities is to be complicit in the ongoing suffering of the Palestinian people,” Diliani asserted. “The current humanitarian catastrophe in Gaza is a direct result of Israeli cultural values that propagate policies dehumanizing the Palestinian people.”

Fateh’s Reformist Democratic Faction calls for an immediate cessation of Israel’s genocide in Gaza. The international community must take decisive action to hold those responsible for these atrocities accountable and to ensure the protection of civilians in accordance with international law.

“We stand unwavering in our commitment to advocate for the rights and dignity of our people,” concluded Diliani. “Our struggle is not merely for survival, but for the recognition of our humanity and our right to live in freedom and security. The time for action is now; the world must not turn a blind eye to the suffering and injustice in Gaza and the rest of the Palestinian occupied territories.

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