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Freedom of the press under attack worldwide

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Freedom of the press is the foundation of democracy and justice, but it is increasingly under threat around the world. Disinformation, hate speech, and deadly attacks against journalists are some of the challenges that journalists face in their work.

The attacks on the journalists have been alarmingly increased in which many lost their lives. Hundreds more were attacked or imprisoned. The level of impunity for these crimes is alarming, as it sends a chilling message to society.

Journalists who investigate corruption, trafficking, human rights violations, and other sensitive issues are often targeted by powerful actors who want to silence them. In many countries, journalists also face legal harassment, censorship, and online abuse.

On the other hand, the journalist protection bodies working globally failed to get justice for the journalists who have been facing major challenges.

There is a strong need for greater solidarity with the people who bring us the news and urges governments to ensure justice for crimes against journalists.


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