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French police arrest over 900 people in fourth night of riots

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The French police have arrested more than 900 people across the country in the fourth night of violent riots that have shaken the nation. The unrest was sparked by the death of a 22-year-old man who was allegedly beaten by police officers in a suburb of Paris on June 27.

The riots have spread to several cities, including Lyon, Marseille, Bordeaux and Toulouse, where protesters have clashed with the police, set fire to cars and buildings, and looted shops. The authorities have deployed more than 12,000 police officers and 3,000 soldiers to restore order and enforce a curfew from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m.

The French President Emmanuel Macron has condemned the violence and vowed to bring justice to the victim’s family. He has also announced a series of measures to address the social and economic grievances of marginalized communities, such as increasing the minimum wage, creating more jobs and improving public services.

The riots have raised questions about the state of democracy and human rights in France, as well as the role of the police and the media in covering the events. Some critics have accused the police of using excessive force and racial profiling, while others have blamed the media for sensationalizing and politicizing the situation.

The situation remains tense and unpredictable, as some groups have called for more protests and civil disobedience, while others have appealed for calm and dialogue. The government has said that it will not tolerate any further violence and that it will use all legal means to restore peace and security.

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