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Gaza Death Toll Surpasses 21,000 amid Israeli War Crimes

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In a tragic escalation of violence, the death toll in Gaza has now surpassed a staggering 21,000 as the region grapples with an unrelenting humanitarian crisis. The conflict, which has been ongoing for the last three months, has resulted in an alarming number of casualties, drawing international concern and condemnation.

The Gaza Strip, home to a densely populated Palestinian population, has witnessed relentless airstrikes, ground operations, and artillery attacks.

Israeli vows to intensify the strikes by violating all international rules and treaties. The volatile situation has not only claimed the lives of thousands but has also left tens of thousands injured and displaced.

The US is a partner in the war crimes with Israel with Washington’s endorsement for massacres of Palestinians and genocide.

Local authorities report that the majority of the casualties are civilians, including women

The world watches with a heavy heart as the Gaza death toll continues to rise, prompting urgent appeals for peace and a renewed commitment to finding a just and lasting resolution to the protracted conflict in the region.

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