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Georgian protest for European Dreams

Thousands of Georgians gather to protest against the foreign agent bill

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Thousands of Georgian citizens ramped up with police while facing water cannons and other tactics to disperse the protest. Massive protests erupted in Tbilisi the capital of Georgia against the government hinting to pass the so-called “Foreign Agent Bill”.

The demonstrators were holding the Georgia, European Union, and Ukrainian flags as solidarity. After the third day of continuous protest in front of parliament government verbally ensured to withdraw from passing this bill. In the aftermath of Ukraine, the Russian war in Georgia was a hotspot to flash and finally, the moment come when political chaos triggered.

Georgia’s dream to become the part of EU nations club is much fascinating but Europe has been not doing justice to already member states. There are promises to many other countries like Moldova, and Turkey but Europe just endangered them by giving unfulfilled promises.

The current protest hinted that the political instability in Georgia may rise in the following days.

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