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Global Support Grows As Over 61 Countries Back South Africa’s ICC Filing Against Alleged Israeli War Crimes

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In a historic move, more than 61 countries have thrown their support behind South Africa’s International Criminal Court (ICC) filing, accusing Israel of committing war crimes. The filing, which has gained widespread international attention, alleges serious violations of international humanitarian law during recent conflicts in the region.

South Africa’s decision to pursue legal action against Israel marks a significant development in the ongoing debate over the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The ICC filing focuses on incidents that occurred during periods of heightened tension, especially in the Gaza Strip, and raises concerns about the alleged indiscriminate targeting of civilians and other war crimes.

Israel killed more than 23000 civilians including children, women, and elders. There are also more than 100 journalists killed by the Israeli regime in this aggression.

The list of supporting nations includes a diverse range of countries from various regions including 57 members Organization of Islamic Countries (OIC) bloc.

The growing global consensus on the need for accountability and justice in the face of alleged violations of Israeli war crimes. Diplomatic sources report that these countries are calling for a thorough investigation by the ICC to determine the veracity of the claims against Israel.

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