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Helsinki not had “trouble” with Moscow for decades– but now it will—Putin

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Russian President Vladimir Putin has issued a stern warning in response to Finland’s decision to join NATO, stating that the traditionally amicable relations between Moscow and Helsinki could face complications in the wake of this decision.

Addressing the media at the Kremlin, President Putin remarked, “For years, Helsinki has enjoyed a peaceful coexistence with Moscow, and we have not encountered any trouble. However, with Finland’s decision to join NATO, the dynamics in our relations are bound to change.”

Finland, a country known for its policy of neutrality, had long maintained a delicate balance in its relations with both Western and Eastern powers. However, recent geopolitical shifts have led to a reconsideration of its stance, culminating in the decision to align itself with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

There was no trouble. Now there will be. We will now create the Leningrad Military District and concentrate certain military units there. Why do they need this, it’s just nonsense.

President Putin did not specify the nature of the response Russia might undertake, but his remarks indicate a palpable concern about the implications of Finland‘s NATO membership on the regional balance of power. The announcement comes amidst heightened tensions in Eastern Europe, with NATO members expressing growing unease over Russia’s military activities in the region.

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