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High-Speed Connectivity: New high-speed railway linking China’s Nanchang, Hangzhou opens

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China began full operation of a new high-speed railway on Wednesday, connecting popular tourist destinations in the country’s east. This will stimulate the development of tourism and other industries.

The Hangzhou-Nanchang high-speed railway line which has a total length of 560 kilometers, the entire line has been completed. After opening the Huangshan City Rail Link of Anhui Province and Nanchang city of Jiangxi Province It has been officially under construction for 5 years.

The Hangzhou-Nanchang high-speed railway line Cutting through a region rich in tourist attractions including lakes, mountains, and ancient villages. and cultural treasures such as porcelain and tea

The new railway passes through nine top national scenic spots, such as the UNESCO World Heritage sites of West Lake and Huangshan Mountain. and Jingdezhen Nickname owner The world-famous “Porcelain Capital” Including more than 9 4A level scenic spots, the second highest level in the country’s tourism evaluation system.

For many Chinese travelers, “High-speed rail” has become an attractive transportation option today. China’s high-speed railway network had a total of 43,700 kilometers in operation as of the end of November. past.

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