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Houthi Response to US Plans for Maritime Protection Force in Red Sea Raises Concerns

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The Houthi rebels in Yemen have issued a new statement in response to reports of the United States planning to establish a new maritime protection force in the Red Sea. Tensions have escalated in the region due to Houthi attacks on commercial ships transiting through these waters.

The Houthi spokesperson declared that their attacks on commercial ships were specifically targeted at vessels with ties to Israel, in protest against perceived military actions in Gaza.

The statement issued by a prominent Houthi commander emphasized a direct link between developments in Gaza and the situation in the Red Sea, stating, “Any escalation in Gaza is an escalation in the Red Sea, and any calm in Gaza is considered a calm in the Red Sea.” The commander warned that any interference by countries or parties between the Houthi movement and Palestine would be met with confrontation.

The Houthi rebels explicitly stated that their attacks on commercial ships are aimed at those linked to Israel, as a form of protest against perceived Israeli military actions in Gaza.

The Houthi commander’s statement establishes a direct connection between developments in Gaza and the situation in the Red Sea, emphasizing a correlation between the two regions.

The Houthi commander warned of confrontation with any country or party that intervenes between the Houthis and Palestine, underscoring the sensitivity of the issue.

The ongoing Houthi attacks have led to a naval crisis in the Red Sea, prompting major shipping firms to suspend passage through the Bab al-Mandab strait, raising concerns about the safety of maritime activities in the region.

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