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Human Rights groups oppose the use of cluster bombs in Ukraine

US fails to prevent cluster bomb proliferation, sends controversial weapons to Ukraine

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The Biden administration has announced that it will provide cluster bombs to Ukraine, a controversial move to boost the country’s military in its fight against entrenched Russian forces. The decision has sparked criticism from human rights groups and some lawmakers, who say the weapons are indiscriminate and pose a long-term threat to civilians.

Cluster bombs are weapons that break apart in the air and release multiple explosive submunitions or “bomblets” across a wide area. They can be delivered by planes, artillery, and missiles. The bomblets are designed to detonate on hitting the ground and anyone in that area is very likely to be killed or seriously injured. However, many bomblets fail to explode immediately and remain as explosive hazards for years or even decades. According to some data about 40% of bomblets have failed to explode in some recent conflicts.

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