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Iran and Turkmenistan to Boost Iraq’s Gas Supply with New 77-Mile Pipeline

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Turkmenistan and Iran have reached a landmark agreement to supply natural gas to Iraq through a newly planned pipeline. This 77-mile pipeline, to be constructed by Iranian companies, will facilitate the delivery of an additional 10 million cubic meters of Turkmen gas into Iraq each day.

The project marks a significant step in regional energy cooperation, leveraging Iran’s strategic geographical position and infrastructure capabilities to enhance Iraq’s energy supply. Currently facing an energy crisis, Iraq stands to benefit considerably from this new source of natural gas, which is essential for its power generation needs and industrial consumption.

Under the agreement, Turkmenistan will use the Iranian pipeline network to transit its gas, showcasing a deepening of economic and energy ties between the three nations. The pipeline will not only bolster Iraq’s energy security but also reinforce Iran’s role as a pivotal energy hub in the region.

Construction of the pipeline is expected to commence shortly, with Iranian engineering firms at the helm of the project. Once operational, the pipeline will significantly increase the flow of gas into Iraq, supporting its development and providing a boost to its struggling energy sector.

This initiative is seen as part of a broader strategy to strengthen economic ties and cooperation among neighboring countries, addressing regional energy demands and fostering stability through shared infrastructure and resources.

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