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Iran Dismisses US Accusations of Tanker Attack off India, Alleges Distraction from Israeli Actions in Gaza

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In a defiant response, Iran’s Foreign Ministry has categorically dismissed recent accusations by the United States regarding a tanker attack off the coast of India. Iranian Foreign officials stated that the US claims are a deliberate attempt to divert attention from what Tehran refers to as Washington’s complicity in supporting Israel’s actions in Gaza.

The US had recently accused Iran of orchestrating a maritime attack on a tanker near the Indian Ocean, raising concerns about the security of global shipping routes. The incident has escalated tensions between the two nations, with the US expressing condemnation and vowing to take appropriate action.

However, Tehran rejected the accusations, labeling them as baseless and politically motivated by adding that the United States is employing these accusations as a smokescreen to distract the international community from its complicity in the crimes committed by Israel in Gaza. We vehemently deny any involvement in the alleged tanker attack and urge the US to refrain from such unfounded allegations.

Iran contends that the US has consistently turned a blind eye to Israel’s actions in Gaza, accusing Washington of providing political and military support to Israel despite international criticism. Iran’s Foreign Ministry emphasized the need for a fair and unbiased investigation into the tanker incident and urged the international community to focus on addressing the root causes of instability in the Middle East.

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