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Israel Bomb Al Ansar Mosque in Jenin Refugee Camp, Occupied West Bank

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In a tragic incident, Israel bombed the Al Ansar Mosque in the Jenin refugee camp in the occupied West Bank killing two civilians. This incident is part of Israel’s continued war crimes to target mosques, churches, hospitals, schools, and other critical facilities, all while the Arab world remains seemingly silent.

The attack on Al Ansar Mosque is just one instance of a broader trend where places of worship and essential infrastructure are affected, deepening the humanitarian crisis in the region. These actions have not only raised international concern but also led to widespread condemnation from various nations.

In response to the ongoing atrocities and to show solidarity with the Palestinians, massive protests have erupted around the world. These protests are exposing Israel’s war crimes and massacres committed against the Palestinian people. The global outcry has prompted international scrutiny and emphasizes the importance of addressing the ongoing conflict in the region.

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