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Israel is Ramping up Kidnapping of Palestinian Civilians for Potential Prisoner Exchange

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In a stark breach of international law and fundamental human rights, Israeli security forces, over the past two weeks, have markedly escalated their campaign of kidnapping Palestinian civilians in Israel and the occupied West Bank. Notably, this escalation has resulted in a doubling of the Palestinian arbitrary detainee population in Israel’s detention centers and military camps.
This Israeli war crime is underpinned by a discernible political motive, with Israel’s intent on illegitimately amassing a pool of kidnapped Palestinian civilians, potentially with the intention of leveraging them in forthcoming possible prisoner exchange.
Dimitri Diliani, spokesperson for Fateh’s Reformist Democratic Faction, warns of the severe consequences of these actions: “The situation is highly alarming. Israel’s kidnapping campaign of Palestinian civilians in the occupied West Bank amount to a stark violation of international law. These tactics of kidnapping civilians for political gain resemble those employed during Chile’s Pinochet and Cambodia’s Pol Pot eras, where individuals are forcibly abducted from their homes and tortured with no charges or legal representation. The international community must act swiftly to condemn these war crimes and demand accountability.”
Israel’s war criminal kidnapping campaign has led to an alarming and abrupt rise in the number of Palestinian detainees. In just two weeks, the number has doubled to an astonishing 10,000 detainees. Among these detainees, over 5,300 Palestinians are being held illegitimately, with some imprisoned for over 35 years, and around 500 languishing without charge or trial, their detention periods ranging from a few months to many years.
Diliani further comments: “The mass abduction of 4,000 laborers from Gaza, who were working in Israel on October 7th, and their subsequent detention in military bases, subjected to torture, harsh interrogation, and a complete lack of charges or legal representation, is a grave breach of human rights and international law. Similarly, the abductions of 1,200 other Palestinians in the occupied West Bank, including East Jerusalem, is a stark reminder of Israel’s apparent disregard for international law and its utilization of the U.S. and European complicit backing to perpetrate acts of terror in the occupied West Bank.”
The following are the names and places of residences of 70 Palestinian civilians who Israel kidnapped this morning:
– Al-Professor Emad Al-Barghouthi
– President of the Engineers Syndicate in Nablus, Yazan Jaber
– Editor Alaa Ahmaidan
– Dr. Mohammad Al-Jallad
– Dr. Muath Subhiya
– Editor Fathi Al-Hayek
– Noor Halawa
– Nidal Abu Ramileh
– Abdelqader Ibrahim Hanni
– Kamel Sunobar
– Murad Hamed
– Hamada Abu Al-Asal
– Sheikh Abu Malik Abu Ria
– Khaled Azz al-Din
– Abada Amara
– Dr. Mohammad Awadat
– Sheikh Majid Barahma
– Ramzi Nemer Seder
– Ahmed Al-Asmar
– Mujeeb Al-Asmar
– Naji Mujeeb Al-Asmar
– Hisham Haider Al-Rimawi
– Birzeit University’s  Bassel Al-Barghouthi
– Editor Rami Al-Barghouthi
– Nidal Thalji Al-Rimawi
– Ali Thalji Al-Rimawi
– Mohammad Thalji Al-Rimawi
– Abada Thalji Al-Rimawi
– Jalal Al-Arabi
– Mutasem Nakhleh
– Editor Adi Mustafa Nakhleh
– Mohammad Ata Sharaka
– Mohammad Abdelbaba
– Ahmed Abdeljaber
– Jihad Al-Badawi
– Ata Omar Nakhleh
– Ahmed Shtat
– Akram Abdelnabi Sharaka
– Hassan Abu Sharifa
– Mohammad Mustafa Nakhleh
– Ibrahim Zumra
– Sa’id Hawasah
– Murad Al-Rumhi
– Omar Mahmoud Ghanem
– Munir Youssef Al-Khudour
– Asim Ali Balout
– Ali Khalil Taraira
– Musab Eid Abu Jarour
– Mohammad Jameel Ayyash
– Khalil Jameel Ayyash
– Ahmed Jameel Ayyash
– Suleiman AbdelMajeed Abu Jarour
– Suleiman Eid Abu Jarour
– Adnan Abu Jarour
– Ali Al-Tashli
– Editor Yasser Zma’ara
– Editor Ali Aqel
– Editor Mohammad Al-Wawi
– Activist Mohammad Al-Zaghir
– Karam Al-Zaghir
– Awad Jameel Zyoud
– Ayash Yahya Zyoud
– Mandd Fahmi Hamamreh
– Sheikh Salah Shaker
– Islam Lafi
– Shadi Mahmoud Shaker
– Mohammad Naaman Ghayadha
– Mohammad Hassan Shakarna
– Azz al-Din Ibrahim Fanoun
– Nafeth Abu Ubaid
Dimitri Diliani concludes, “It is crucial for the international community to take action in condemning Israel’s campaign of kidnapping Palestinian civilians and to demand the immediate release of these citizens.”

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