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Israel lies about tunnels while committing war crimes in Gaza

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The Israeli army is lying about the tunnels in Gaza by providing confusing information to target civilian facilities including schools, hospitals, and other residential buildings.Since the beginning of Israel’s invasion of Gaza thousands of buildings have been hit with missiles.

According to the Ministry of Health, the number of Palestinians killed in Gaza by Israeli Bombardment and air strikes is 10,678 including 4324 children and 2823 women.

Additionally, 2550 are missing under the rubble including 1350 children.

49% of Palestinians killed were in the southern parts of Gaza which negates the Israeli government’s claims about safe areas.

The Israeli army destroyed 45 ambulances, and 120 health facilities and killed 193 doctors and health workers.

18 hospitals out of 35 in Gaza stopped working because of bombardment and lack of fuel.

238 schools were damaged, and 3 universities were destroyed. 66 mosques and 3 churches were also damaged or destroyed.

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