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Israel Sets a New World Record in Murdering Journalists

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Amidst the Biden Administration-supported Israeli genocide in Gaza, the world is confronted with an alarming surge in journalist casualties. Over the past 47 days, a staggering number of 50 journalists have lost their lives at the bloody hands of the Israeli Army. Fateh’s Reformist Democratic Faction is gravely concerned about this distressing statistic and is obligated to highlight the severity of the situation. According to the statement: “We condemn the deliberate targeting of journalists by the Israeli Army within the context of an alarming disregard for civilian lives in what can only be described as an ongoing Israeli genocidal campaign”.
At the height of the Syrian Civil War, all involved factions, including ISIS, combined, accounted for the horrific death of 30 journalists in a single year. Comparatively, last year, the global count stood at 42 journalists lost in all conflicts worldwide. During the Russia-Ukrainian war, a notorious hotspot, the toll was at 15 journalists’ who tragically lost their lives while carrying out their duties during last year.
Dimitri Diliani, the Spokesperson for Fateh’s Reformist Democratic Faction, underscores the gravity of the matter, stating, “Murdering journalists is a reprehensible terrorist tactic deliberately employed by Israel to shroud the genocide its committing in Gaza from international scrutiny. This deliberate assault on the fourth estate exposes Israel’s blatant disregard for civilian lives, including those of journalists.”
Diliani draws attention to recent admissions of war crimes and genocidal intentions made by many Israeli politicians including President Isaac Herzog that should intensify the world’s concerns. In a TV statement reminiscent of ISIS rhetoric, Herzog openly described everyone in Gaza, including infants, as combatants, therefore “legitimate targets for the Israeli army!!!”.
Diliani states, “Israel, purporting to be a “democracy”, stands exposed as the most tyrannical government in the world at this moment in history. The sickening genocide its army is committing, deliberately targeting journalists to mask its bloodbath in Gaza, demand international condemnation and decisive action.”
Fateh’s Reformist Democratic Faction urges the international community, media organizations, and human rights advocates to scrutinize and address Israel’s flagrant war criminal assault on press freedom.

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