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Israeli Genocide Shatters Gaza’s Educational Infrastructure

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Fateh’s Reformist Democratic Faction urgently condemns Israel’s ruthless campaign targeting #Gaza’s Educational Infrastructure, shattering 282 schools, more than half of Gaza’s educational institutions, in a devastating assault amidst its ongoing #genocide in the besieged strip. A chilling video (attached in the link below) captures Israeli soldiers cheering as they obliterate Beit Hanoun refugee students’ school, underscoring the brutality of this relentless onslaught and the collective moral decay of Israeli soldiers.

In the words of Dimitri Diliani, Fateh’s Reformist Democratic Faction’s Spokesperson, “This isn’t just an attack on buildings; it’s a calculated assault on the aspirations of Palestinian youth in a way that rips apart the sanctity of education, violating international law and human decency. Deliberately targeting schools inflicts immediate harm and sabotages the prospects for a stable, educated Palestinian society.”

Diliani asserts: Al-Fakhoura School and Tal al-Zaatar School have become tragic symbols of this unwarranted Israeli terrorist aggression towards the Palestinian educational infrastructure in Gaza. Subjected to multiple Israeli attacks, including an air strike on Al-Fakhoura School on 19 November and artillery shelling on 4 November, these institutions have witnessed horrors that defy comprehension. Tal al-Zaatar School faced a severe attack on 18 November, resulting in over 50 fatalities and numerous injuries.

The recent escalation targeting UNRWA-run schools intensifies the humanitarian crisis. Israel attacks last week alone on Palestine School in Jabalia camp, Al-Falah School in Al-Zaytoun neighborhood, Salah Al-Din School in Al-Ramali neighborhood, and Bani Suhaila School in Khan Younes constitute gross violations of the legal immunity UN facilities should enjoy.

Diliani adds: Historically, Israel’s pattern of targeting educational institutions persists, as seen in the 2014 Gaza attack, which caused severe damage to six universities, seven United Nations schools and an estimated 141 locally run schools. In 2019, 13 Gaza schools suffered severe damage due to Israeli airstrikes, and the 2021 war on Gaza destroyed fifty schools.

Fateh’s Reformist Democratic Faction urgently calls upon the international community to denounce Israel’s genocide in Gaza, demanding Israel cease its attacks on educational institutions and adhere to international humanitarian law. The relentless assault on schools compounds the already dire humanitarian crisis, demanding immediate global attention and intervention.

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