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Israeli media report that Oct 7 Israel Airforce killed many Israeli civilians

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In a shocking revelation, several Israeli media outlets have reported that the Israel Air Force (IAF) was responsible for killing many Israeli civilians during the October 7 Hamas attack that sparked the latest war in Gaza.

According to the reports, the IAF bombed several Israeli towns and villages near the Gaza border that killing several civilians.

The reports cited anonymous sources within the IAF, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), and the Israeli government, who confirmed that the IAF had acted on faulty intelligence and failed to coordinate with the ground forces.

The report comes at the time when Israelis continued bombardment making the situation volatile in Gaza and Netanyahu’s war-mongering attitude risking the whole region.

The reports have sparked outrage and disbelief among the Israeli public, who have demanded an independent investigation and accountability for the IAF’s actions. Some have also called for the resignation of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who has been accused of lying to the nation and waging a reckless and brutal war on Gaza.

The reports have also raised questions about the credibility and accuracy of the official Israeli death toll, which stands at 1,400, mostly civilians, including children. Some experts have suggested that the actual number of Israeli casualties may be much higher, as many bodies may still be buried under the rubble or unaccounted for.

The reports have also challenged the Israeli narrative of the October 7 attack, which portrayed it as a surprise and unprecedented assault by Hamas, which breached the border fence and entered southern Israel. The reports have revealed that the IDF had prior knowledge of the Hamas plan, but failed to act on it or warn the public. The reports have also exposed the weaknesses and vulnerabilities of the Israeli defense system, which was unable to stop the Hamas infiltration or protect the Israeli population.

The reports have also cast doubt on the Israeli justification for the war on Gaza, which claimed that it was a necessary and proportional response to the Hamas attack. The reports have shown that the Israeli response was disproportionate and indiscriminate, killing thousands of Palestinian civilians and destroying much of the infrastructure and economy of Gaza.

The reports have also provoked international condemnation and criticism of Israel, which has been accused of committing war crimes and violating human rights and international law. The reports have also increased the pressure on Israel to end the war and agree to a ceasefire and a political solution to the conflict.

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