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Israeli War Crimes: Death Toll in Nuseirat Camp 274, Including 64 Children

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The aftermath of Saturday’s intense Israeli military operations in Gaza continues to reveal its devastating impact. According to the Gaza Health Ministry, the death toll from the raid has surged to 274, with a tragic count of at least 64 children among the victims. In addition to the fatalities, more than 700 Palestinians have been reported injured in the conflict.

However, dead bodies and injured have been taken to the Al-Aqsa hospital that witnessed the shocking scene of bloodbath and like slaughterhouse.

The raid, described by eyewitnesses as one of the most severe in recent history, began in the early hours of Saturday when people were sleeping, they meet their sudden death. Reports from local sources indicate that the strikes targeted multiple residential and commercial areas, leading to widespread destruction and panic among civilians.

Among the most heart-wrenching aspects of the raid is the significant number of children affected. Hospitals and emergency services are overwhelmed as they struggle to treat the influx of injured. The Health Ministry’s figures highlight the dire situation, with many of the wounded suffering from critical injuries due to the intense bombardment.

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