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Israel’s War Crimes and Zionist Media Censorship

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The Israeli war crimes and the Zionist media censorship as the media conglomerates trying to highlight the Israeli narrative and try to dominate the Palestinian genocide.

 The news terms and the propaganda used by the media to control the anti-Israel sentiments rising in the world.  Social media exposes the traditional media’s biased news and propaganda to give a cover-up to Israel.

The terms used by Zionist-controlled media in the ongoing Israel aggression and war crimes against the Palestinians. The pro-Israeli media outlets are much cautioned to use world Israeli Aggression, Israeli War Crimes, Palestinian genocide, and some other words that expose the war crimes of Israel.

Israel has an occupational status in Palestine. The Western-biased media does not use this word of Occupation.

The Zionist word is much censored. Those media outlets that are projecting Zionist agenda, are not using Zionist words.

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