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Kazakhstan All Set to Host the SCO Summit as the ‘SCO Spirit’ Reaches New Heights

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Astana, June 22, 2024Kazakhstan is gearing up to host the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) summit, with preparations in full swing and the spirit of collaboration stronger than ever. As the event approaches, Astana is abuzz with activity, reflecting the importance of this gathering in the region’s geopolitical landscape. 

The SCO, a political, economic, and security alliance that includes China, India, Russia, and several Central Asian nations, is set to hold its annual summit on July 3-4. This year’s event is particularly significant as it marks Kazakhstan’s first-time hosting since 2017 and the first in-person summit. 

Kazakhstan’s President, Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, emphasized the summit’s role in fostering regional cooperation and addressing global challenges. Kazakhstan is proud to host this significant event and contribute to the strengthening of the ‘SCO Spirit’—a commitment to mutual trust, benefit, equality, and respect. 

The SCO and a Multipolar World 

The SCO’s evolution mirrors the broader shift towards a multipolar world order, where power is distributed across multiple nations rather than dominated by a single superpower.  

This year’s summit comes at a time when the importance of such a multipolar framework is increasingly recognized.  

The SCO, with its diverse membership encompassing major powers like China, Russia, alongside Central Asian nations, serves as a vital platform for balancing global influence. It facilitates a collaborative approach to regional and global issues, promoting stability and development without the unilateral pressures of any single nation. 

Key Issues on the Agenda 

The summit will tackle a broad range of issues, including regional security, economic collaboration, and environmental sustainability. Key topics include the stabilization of Afghanistan, economic recovery post-pandemic, and counter-terrorism efforts. Given the current geopolitical tensions, discussions on food security, energy cooperation, and digital transformation are also expected to be at the forefront. 

Notably, this year’s summit will also focus on enhancing connectivity and infrastructure projects under the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), with Kazakhstan being a major hub in the New Silk Road. 

Heads of state and high-level officials from all member countries, including China’s President Xi Jinping and Russia’s President Vladimir Putin are expected to attend. The summit will also welcome delegations from observer states and dialogue partners, broadening the scope of discussions. 

As the SCO summit approaches, there’s a palpable sense of optimism about the future of regional cooperation. The ‘SCO Spirit’—an ethos of collaboration and mutual respect—seems more relevant than ever, as member states face common challenges and opportunities. 

The outcomes of this summit will likely shape the geopolitical dynamics of the region and reinforce the SCO’s role as a cornerstone of stability and development in Eurasia. 


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