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Li Qiang: China’s new prime minister

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China has appointed Li Qiang as its new prime minister, replacing Li Keqiang who served two terms for 10 years. Li Qiang is a close ally of President Xi Jinping and a rising star in the Communist Party.

As prime minister, Li Qiang will be responsible for overseeing China’s economy, which has been hit by the Covid-19 pandemic and trade tensions with the US. He will also have to implement Xi Jinping’s ambitious agenda of reforming state-owned enterprises, boosting domestic consumption and innovation, and tackling environmental challenges.

Li Qiang is seen as a loyal supporter of Xi Jinping and his vision of building a “new era” for China. He has praised Xi Jinping as “the core” of the party and vowed to follow his leadership. He has also promoted Xi Jinping’s signature projects such as the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), a global infrastructure project that aims to expand China’s influence abroad.

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