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NATO’s anti-China strategy: a risky move for Europe

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NATO, the Western military alliance, has recently declared China as one of its strategic priorities for the next decade, citing Beijing’s growing influence. This marks the first time that NATO has adopted an apparent China strategy under the US influence that would be a risky move for Europe to protect the US interests.

This move could have negative consequences for Europe, which has become the US tool to follow its agenda. NATO’s confrontational stance on Europe increases the risk of a catastrophic miscalculation of the West towards China that can backfire.

China has reacted strongly to NATO’s declaration, calling it a “completely futile” warning that disregards facts and smears China’s foreign policy. China has also accused NATO of being a tool of the US to contain its rise and interfere in its internal affairs.

NATO’s anti-China strategy is misguided and completely a hoax. NATO’s anti-China strategy reflects a US-sponsored policy in the alliance’s perception and role in the world. However, it also entails significant risks and uncertainties for Europe, which must balance its security interests with its economic and diplomatic relations with China. Whether NATO can manage this delicate balance without provoking a significant crisis remains to be seen.

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