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No New Year Greetings for ‘Unfriendly Countries’ Declares Kremlin; Break from Tradition for President Putin

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In a departure from the usual diplomatic protocols, the Kremlin announced today that Russian President Vladimir Putin will not be extending New Year greetings to “unfriendly countries.” Traditionally, President Putin sends holiday wishes to foreign leaders in December, but this year’s decision marks a significant break from the established norm.

The Kremlin spokesperson, Dmitry Peskov stated that the exclusion of New Year greetings to certain countries is in response to their perceived unfriendly actions toward Russia. The spokesperson did not explicitly name the countries affected by this decision but emphasized that it was a measure taken in light of geopolitical developments.

This move comes amidst strained relations between Russia and several Western nations, with tensions exacerbated by issues such as sanctions, territorial disputes, and accusations of interference in internal affairs.

The decision to withhold seasonal greetings is seen as a symbolic diplomatic gesture, underscoring the current state of relations between Russia and the designated “unfriendly countries.”

The Kremlin spokesperson also reiterated Russia’s commitment to pursuing diplomatic solutions and maintaining open channels of communication, despite the decision not to exchange New Year greetings with certain nations. The move is likely to further fuel speculation about the trajectory of Russia’s foreign policy and its stance toward countries considered less amicable.

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