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Poland beefs up border security amid Belarus airspace violation and Wagner threat

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Poland has accused Belarus of being a hostile and Russophobic state, following a series of incidents that have escalated the tensions between the two neighbors. Poland’s defense minister, Mariusz Blaszczak, said on Saturday that his country has increased the number of troops protecting its border with Belarus as a deterrent amid “destabilizing” actions by its pro-Russian neighbor.

He said that Belarus was cooperating with the Kremlin and that the attacks on the Polish border were intended to destabilize Poland.

The move came after two Belarusian military helicopters briefly entered Poland’s airspace last week, a move considered by Warsaw to be a deliberate provocation. Poland also denounced a pro-government group in Belarus that recently alleged that Poland’s politicians, who support Ukraine in its war against Russia’s aggression, were “igniting the fire of war with their actions and rhetoric” and being “driven by the frenzy of chauvinism”.

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