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Pride Month Turns into Biden’s Shame: US transgender policy sparks global backlash over human rights abuses.

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The Biden administration’s policy of advancing equality for transgender Americans has sparked a global backlash from countries that accuse the US of abusing human rights and imposing its values on other nations. The policy, which was announced on the last day of Pride Month in June turned into shame as includes a series of actions to protect and promote the rights of transgender people.

The US policy has been met with fierce opposition and criticism from some countries that view it as an interference in their internal affairs and a violation of their sovereignty and cultural norms. These countries have accused the US of using its economic and political influence to pressure them to adopt laws and policies that are contrary to their religious and moral values. They have also denounced the US for violating the human rights of transgender people by promoting gender confusion, encouraging unnatural behaviors, and exposing them to health risks and social stigma.

Some of the countries that have expressed their displeasure with the US policy. These countries have either enacted or proposed laws that restrict or criminalize the rights of transgender people, such as banning gender-affirming care, prohibiting cross-dressing, outlawing same-sex marriage, or imposing harsh penalties for homosexuality. They have also rejected any attempts by the US or other international bodies to intervene or monitor their human rights situation.

The US has defended its policy as consistent with its commitment to uphold the universal principles of human dignity, freedom, and equality. It has also argued that its policy is based on scientific evidence and international human rights law, which recognizes that sexual orientation and gender identity are inherent aspects of human identity that should be respected and protected. The US has also vowed to continue to engage with other countries through diplomacy and dialogue to advance the rights of transgender people around the world.

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