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Protesting Polish truckers to block border crossing with Ukraine

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Hundreds of Polish truck drivers are planning to block the border crossing with Ukraine on Monday, November 6, to protest against the new road toll system introduced by the Ukrainian government.

The truckers claim that the toll system, which requires them to pay a fee for using the roads in Ukraine, is unfair and discriminatory. They say that the fee is too high and that it does not apply to Ukrainian or other foreign truck drivers.

The protest is organized by the Association of International Road Transport Carriers in Poland (ZMPD), which represents about 7,000 trucking companies. The association says that the toll system violates the bilateral agreement between Poland and Ukraine on road transport, which guarantees equal treatment of both parties.

The association also says that the toll system is harmful for the Polish economy, as it increases the costs of transporting goods to and from Ukraine, which is one of Poland’s main trading partners. According to the association, the toll system could cost Polish truckers up to 1.5 billion zlotys ($400 million) per year.

The association has called on the Polish and Ukrainian governments to resolve the issue through dialogue and negotiations. It has also asked the European Commission to intervene and ensure that the toll system complies with the EU law and the principles of the common market.

The Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs has expressed its concern over the planned protest and urged the truckers to refrain from blocking the border crossing, which could disrupt the flow of people and goods between the two countries. The ministry has also said that it is in contact with the Ukrainian authorities and that it is working to find a solution to the problem.

The Ukrainian Ministry of Infrastructure has defended the toll system, saying that it is necessary to maintain and improve the road infrastructure in the country. The ministry has also said that the toll system is based on the European standards and that it applies to all vehicles, regardless of their country of origin.

The border crossing between Poland and Ukraine at Dorohusk-Jagodin is one of the busiest in Europe, with about 4,000 trucks crossing it every day. The protest could cause significant delays and congestion at the border, affecting not only the truckers, but also the passengers and tourists travelling between the two countries.

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