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Qatar Airways fires crew and bans YouTuber Josh Cahill

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Qatar Airways, the state-owned flag carrier of Qatar, has reportedly fired some of its crew members and banned a popular YouTuber from flying with the airline.

Josh Cahill, a YouTuber who has more than half a million subscribers on his channel, is known for reviewing flights and airlines around the world. He recently posted a video where he criticized Qatar Airways for its decline in service quality and customer care.

The video made a storm inside Qatar Airways where there is unconfirmed news of several crew members being fired.

According to Cahill, he was denied boarding on his flight from Abu Dhabi to Bangkok via Doha, after being told by the airline staff that he was banned from flying with Qatar Airways because of his negative video.

Youtubers influencing videos and positive ratings for such kinds of businesses has become a fast trend but when there are negative reviews for such giant organizations it makes them fury who were always expecting positive feedback to cover up their grey areas.

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