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Rangers Shoot 14-Foot Crocodile in Northern Australia After Fatal Attack on 12-Year-Old Girl

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In a tragic incident last week, wildlife rangers in northern Australia have euthanized a 4.2-meter (14-foot) crocodile that fatally attacked a 12-year-old girl while she was swimming with her family. The attack, occurring near Mango Creek near Palumpa, an Outback Indigenous

community in the Northern Territory, marked the first fatal crocodile incident in the region since 2018.

Efforts to capture or eliminate the crocodile had been ongoing since the attack. Permission to shoot the animal was granted by traditional landowners of the area, where saltwater crocodiles hold cultural significance as a totem for many Indigenous Australians.

Authorities confirmed through analysis that the euthanized crocodile was indeed responsible for the girl’s death.

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