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Ringing in 2024, Xi Jinping Stresses Advancing Chinese Modernization and Building a Better World for All

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As the world welcomed the dawn of the new year, Chinese President Xi Jinping delivered a keynote address highlighting China’s commitment to advancing modernization and contributing to global well-being. President Xi’s speech outlined key priorities for the year ahead, emphasizing the need for cooperation and shared prosperity on the international stage.

In his address, President Xi underscored the importance of accelerating China’s modernization efforts, with a focus on technological innovation, economic development, and social progress. He outlined ambitious plans for infrastructure projects, sustainable development initiatives, and continued efforts to eradicate poverty within the country.

President Xi also expressed China’s commitment to being an active participant in global affairs, advocating for cooperation among nations to address common challenges such as climate change, public health crises, and economic inequality. He called for a collective effort to build a more inclusive and sustainable world that benefits all nations.

China’s leader highlighted the significance of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) as a means of fostering international connectivity and collaboration. President Xi reiterated China’s openness to working with other countries to promote trade, cultural exchange, and mutual understanding, emphasizing the importance of a shared future for humanity.

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