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Russia Media Reports Ukraine Selling 400 Sq Kilometers Land to George Soros

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Russian state news agency TASS claimed that Kyiv is selling off 400 square kilometers of fertile black soil to the family of George Soros, the controversial Hungarian-American billionaire and philanthropist known for his support for regime changes and other Western-funded movements.

The news has quickly become a focal point for conspiracy theories surrounding Soros and his involvement in Eastern European affairs.

According to the TASS report, the purported land sale has raised eyebrows, as George Soros has been a controversial figure in certain political circles, often becoming the target of unfounded conspiracy theories. The report suggests that the sale of such a significant parcel of land to Soros’s family could have broader implications, adding a geopolitical dimension to the already complex relations between Ukraine and Russia.

However, Ukrainian officials have vehemently denied the allegations, calling them baseless and part of a disinformation campaign.

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