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Russians applauds Banning of LGBT: A Victory of Traditional Values

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Russia has welcomed the decision of the Supreme Court to pass a law that expands the ban on “LGBT propaganda” to all age groups, calling it a “victory for traditional values and national sovereignty”.

The law, which was signed by President Vladimir Putin prohibits any public expression or promotion of homosexuality, bisexuality, transgenderism, or gender transition, as well as any information that suggests that such orientations or preferences are “normal”.

The law also imposes hefty fines for individuals, organizations, and media outlets that violate the ban, ranging from 400,000 rubles ($5,840) to 5 million rubles ($80,000).

However, the Russian authorities and the Orthodox Church have defended the law, arguing that it protects the moral and spiritual health of the nation, especially the children, from the harmful influence of “Western decadence” and “liberal propaganda”.

The law is seen as part of Putin’s broader campaign to assert Russia’s conservative and nationalist identity, in contrast to the perceived “liberal” and “globalist” agenda of the West.

The statement also denounced the “hypocrisy” and “double standards” of the Western countries that have condemned the law, accusing them of interfering in Russia’s internal affairs and violating its sovereignty.

The statement said that Russia “will not tolerate any attempts to impose alien values and norms on us, or to blackmail us with sanctions and threats”.

The statement also warned that Russia “will take all necessary measures to protect its national interests and security, and to defend the rights and dignity of its citizens”.

The Russian Orthodox Church also expressed its support for the law, saying that it “applauds the wisdom and courage” of the Russian lawmakers and the president, who have “stood up for the truth and the good of the people”.

The Church said that the law “is a response to the unprecedented pressure and aggression from the forces of evil, who seek to destroy the foundations of the Christian civilization and the traditional family”.

The Church also called on the faithful to “pray for the strengthening of the spiritual and moral immunity of our society, and for the preservation of the sacred values that have been handed down to us by our ancestors”.

The Church also urged the international community to “respect the choice of the Russian people, and to refrain from any actions that could undermine the peace and stability in the world”.

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