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Snake Dies from Man Bite: Indian Man Bites Back

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In a bizarre turn of events in Bihar, India, a man reportedly bit a snake to death after it bit him while he was sleeping, local media sources revealed on Friday. The incident occurred when the man, identified as Santosh Lohar was asleep in his home in  Rajouli and a snake crept into his bed, biting him in the process. 

Reacting swiftly, the man retaliated by sinking his teeth into the serpent. Startled by the unexpected counterattack, the snake succumbed to the injuries inflicted by the man’s bite. Authorities were alerted to the unusual incident, and local wildlife officials have since confirmed the species of the snake and the circumstances surrounding the altercation. 

Reports indicate that incidents of snake bites are not uncommon in the region, known for its diverse wildlife. However, instances of individuals biting snakes in self-defense are rare and have sparked both intrigue and concern among local residents. 

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